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God moment in my mind

I am a child of God. I think at times I didn’t understand that. I believe that I am his child for he keeps showing me how much he loves me.  At times I felt like it was even harder to tell him I love him. He was always my first father even though he gave me an earthly father for a short time and took back to heaven. Some days that make me mad but I can’t stay that way. I know God will give me more than I will ever know. As I work on my relationship with him, believe and have faith in him life continues to get better. Writing this makes me want to cry. I have a few feelings inside all mixed up some sad but mostly loved. God what is my purpose in life? How can I be a servant to serve you? I don’t think I ever really asked him. So I asked. Now I’m waiting and believing God will show me. I’m a BEAUITFUL SOUL in human form.  The meaning of my whole name is God’s grace, joy, and favored. I wonder if other people see that in me. I hope so. As I keep doing positive things I hope I can bring others to god or at least get on the right path with themselves. On this journey I will keep learning about myself, love me, and others.  


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2 thoughts on “God moment in my mind

  1. ciglthesigil on said:

    Keep moving on your journey! Remember God view of you is wonderful! We are all humans and it does not match the way god views you. Even if you saw yourself as amazing, you would probably be even more amazing in God’s eyes! So I say again keep faith and keep moving on your journey!!!

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